Please scroll through the current adoptable dogs images and find their respective biographies below!


LEO | Leo was born into our rescue in August of 2017 and was adopted at 8 weeks old. Unfortunately, Leo has been returned to us and is looking for his family once again. This boy is about 70 pounds, neutered, up to date on vaccines, and Heartworm negative. He gets along well with dogs and cats, and really enjoys playing catch.

RILEY | Riley is one of five out of her liter, who was surrendered to Eunoia Rescue. She is about ten weeks old, six pounds, and a lab mix. She’s very sweet and even a little shy at first, but she absolutely loves to cuddle. All she wants is to be next to a human. She is currently in a foster home with multiple dogs ranging in all sizes and ages and gets along great with all of them. She’s working on being crate trained, house broken and basic commands are coming along!

CRUSH | Crush is a high energy and playful, silly girl. She is still learning proper play but does great with proper introduction to dogs. This poor girl has been in a kennel since she was 6 months old and needs someone willing to work with her manners. Still working on potty training since she has only known kennel life. Crush loves to run on the beach and loves as much attention as you’ll give. She would love an active family who can give her the endless love she deserves.

ROXANNE | Roxanne is such a cuddle bug. Roxanne loves to go to daycare daily and get cuddles from all the staff. Shes not extremely playful with dogs but loves to be around them and bask in the sun. She loves to run on the beach and cuddle on the couch.  She does have some arthritis due to her previous situation but a small supplement is all she takes. She is house trained and would make a wonderful addition to any family.

RIGLEY | Rigley is a ten week old, six pound, lab mix and is the queen for attention and loves to socialize with everyone. She currently lives in her foster home with multiple dogs ranging in all sizes and ages and gets along great with others. She loves playing tug of war and biting on her foster siblings tails. She is currently in progress of working on being house broken, crate trained and basic commands!

DAVE |Dave is such a sweet boy, and is also very smart. He is house-broken and crate trained, he’s never had an accident in the foster’s house. He sleeps in his crate all night with no issues. Dave is learning to control his excitement with visitors, and is learning not to jump up to greet people. He rides well in the car and walks on the leash without pulling. Dave has had some sort of trauma in the past that has led to some vision impairment. He can still see, and doesn’t bump into things, but just seems to see better when up close. Dave does well with dogs and humans! Let us know if you would like to meet this amazing boy!

KENZIE | Kenzie came to Eunoia Rescue from Lee County. She is 1-2 years old, and this young gal has already had puppies. We think she’s some type of Staffordshire Terrier Mix. She has a lot of energy but all she really wants is human love. Kenzie has come a long way since she has been with us. When we first pulled Kenzie, she didn’t really know how to be a dog. Thanks to her foster mom, Kenzie is learning manners and basic skills. In fact, Kenzie’s foster mom (who is also a dog trainer) is offering SIX WEEKS of FREE TRAINING to Kenzie and her adopters. If you would like to meet Kenzie, please let us know. This girl is more than deserving of a forever home!

CHLOE | Chloe is a ten week old, six pound, lab mix who loves to socialize with everyone. Chloe is one of the five lab mix puppies that came into our Rescue’s openly loving arms!

BUMPKIN |Bumpkin is one of the newer black doggies available for adoption! Bumpkin was pulled from Dorchester County. He was with them for well over one year before arriving to Eunoia. We don’t know too much about his history before the shelter life, but we do know that Bumpkin has been staying with our friends at K9 Good Manners for a while now. Even though he loves them, he is really hoping for a forever family. He’s been doing a great job learning how to be a good boy at K9 Good Manners and we want to give him the reward of a lifetime! Bumpkin would be best in an environment where he is the only animal. He loves humans and just wants to have the opportunity to be a dog. If you think you’d be interested in adopting Bumpkin, please let us know.  Bumpkin is heartworm negative, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, neutered AND COMPLETELY TRAINED! Bumpkin’s adopter will also receive a complimentary informational training session with K9 Dog Manners and Bumpkin. What are you waiting for?! Let’s find this guy a home!

TREVOR | Trevor is a 2 year old boxer mix that came to us from a high kill shelter Columbia SC. He is about 55 pounds and very sweet. Trevor is a very confident dog, and does well out and about— even in crowds. He bonds to people very quickly and plays well with other dogs. This boy is amazing!

OTTO | This is baby Otto, he is an 8 week old pit mix puppy. His foster mom says that he LOVES playing but loves snuggling even more! He’ll go from playing super hard to snuggling in .01 seconds. He’s already gotten pretty good at not going potty in the house since he’s been in a routine. He’s also getting the hang of the crate and sleeping through the night.

INDY | Indy is about a year old, 35 pounds, and clearly super cute. She does great with all people, including children. Indy can be picky about dog friends, but we’d be happy to do a meet and greet. Unfortunately, no cats for this girl.

ROMO | This handsome little guy is Romo! Romo came to us from a high kill shelter in Columbia, SC. Romo weighs about 40 pounds and is such a snuggly boy. He LOVES playing outside but will also happily spend his afternoons snuggled up on the couch. Romo does well with other dogs as long as he has a proper introduction to them. Unfortunately Romo is Heartworm positive, but luckily for him we’re in the process of treating them. If you’d like to meet Romo, send us an email for an application!

BRIE | Mama Brie is a 1.5 year old mixed breed, She is dainty and sweet. This girl is her human’s shadow. She is still very underweight, but getting stronger each day. She is heartworm positive, but can stay with her forever family during treatment.

STAN | Stan is a 2-3 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix that showed up at K9 Good Manners. Fortunately for Stan, he was welcomed. Stan is up to date on vaccines and neutered. He is currently recovering from heartworm treatment and will soon be heartworm free. He is being trained by K9 Good Manners, so he will definitely be an obedient pup! We do recommend that Stan be homed as an only pet and with humans who are above the age of 12. If you’re interested in giving this guy a happily ever after, let us know today!

MOLLY | Molly is about a year old, lab mix weighing roughly 50 pounds. She is energetic, but doesn’t have crazy puppy energy. She walks great on a leash, is crate trained, and house trained. She gets along well with other dogs and loves people, including children.

SAM | This is Sam! He is a 3 year old male Husky who came to us from Berkeley County. He has been working with a trainer for the past couple months to learn how to be the perfect gentleman, and is now ready for adoption. He does great with other dogs and children!SAM |

MAE | This smiley girl is Mae! Mae came to us after being dumped at a local shelter at the age of 10. When we got her, she was covered in pressure sores and had clearly been shoved in a cage the majority of her life. She deserves a good home to live out her golden years. Mae would prefer to be the only animal, but who can blame her after the life she’s lived!?

HERSHEY | This fluffy little guy is Hershey, a 12 year old mini poodle. He found his way to Eunoia Rescue after his owner passed away. Hershey lives in a foster home with other dogs and does well with them, but wouldn’t mind being the solo king of the castle. He’s a small guy who bonds to humans, especially males, very quickly. He is house trained and up to date medically. Let us know if you’d like to make Hershey a part of your family!

BABY DADDY |Baby Daddy is a chihuahua/dachshund mix, about 2 years old and 12 pounds. He’s good with other dogs and all people! He loves snuggling and being held like the little prince he is. This little man came to us from a hoarding situation in York County. He’s the father of the Pipsqueaks, which is where he got his name from.

AVA | Meet Ava! This house hippo has come such a long way in her time with Eunoia Rescue. She came to us after she was dumped in the woods on a freezing night with a litter of newborns, unfortunately the puppies didn’t make it and Ava was heartbroken. Through lots of love and TLC, Ava has bounced back to the happy dog she’s meant to be. Ava loves all people, dogs, and even cats. She is up to date on all vaccines, spayed, microchipped, and ready to find her forever person.

SALLY | This dainty lady is Sally. She came to us from a hoarding situation in York County with her two puppies. Sally is 2 years old and weighs about 10 pounds. Sally is a social girl who enjoys spending time with human and fur friends alike. She has a bubbly personality and likes to play.

NELLY | Nelly is a 4 month old hound mix who came to us after being found as a stray in Manning, SC. We think she’ll get to be a big girl, and know that she has a big personality! Nelly does well with all people and all dogs. She is working on house training, crate training, and basic commands.

ELLIE | Ellie is a 1 1/2 year old mixed breed dog weighing about 30 pounds. She is great with other dogs and all people! Ellie is described as being very happy go lucky. Ellie is house, crate, and leash trained. She is up to date medically and ready to find her forever home!

WOODBERRY | This bug fluffball is Woodberry! Woodberry came to us after his owner surrendered him to a high kill shelter in Columbia, SC. We think Woodberry is approximately 9 years old. Woodberry does well with other dogs as long as they aren’t super high energy. He generally enjoys minding his own business. Woodberry does well with all people but LOVES men. Woodberry is Heartworm positive, but we are treating it for him. If you would like to meet Woodberry, please send us an email!

MACY |Macy is weighing about 40 pounds, but full of personality! Macy’s foster mom says that I’ve been a great roommate, and greet her with a smile every single day! Some of her favorite activities include going outside to explore and playing tug of war and snuggling! She loves being close to her human, and sneaking the occasional kiss. She really, REALLY, like treats! Foster mom says that makes it easy for her to learn new tricks! So far she has learned “quiet”, “sit”, “drop”, and “come”.

NOVA |Nova came to us after finding herself on the list to be euthanized due to lack of space in a rural shelter. She is what we call a “mini lab” weighing only about 30 pounds. Nova hasn’t had the best life so far and is still scared of most humans. Because of this, she needs a really special adopter who will help her build her confidence. We also think a home without children under 10 would be a good fit! Nova LOVES other dogs!! She loves playing and being goofy with them. We think a home with another fur friend will be ideal!