Please scroll through the current adoptable dogs images and find their respective biographies below!


KENZIE | Kenzie is another dog who has been with us since 2017. Kenzie was found in Lee County with an imbedded collar, and a single puppy. Since then Kenzie’s wounds have healed, her puppy has been adopted, but Kenzie still does not have a home. Kenzie has been fully trained by K9 Good Manners, and her family will receive a complimentary training session to learn how to keep Kenzie’s good behavior up. Unfortunately, Kenzie needs to be the only animal in her home.

STAN | Stan is a 2-3 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix that showed up at K9 Good Manners in 2017. Stan is up to date on vaccines, neutered, and Heartworm Negative. He is being trained by K9 Good Manners, so he will definitely be an obedient pup! We do recommend that Stan be homed as an only pet and with humans who are above the age of 5. If you’re interested in giving this guy a happily ever after, let us know today!

WOODBERRY | This bug fluffball is Woodberry! Woodberry came to us after his owner surrendered him to a high kill shelter in Columbia, SC. We think Woodberry is approximately 9 years old. Woodberry does well with other dogs as long as they aren’t high energy. He generally enjoys minding his own business. Woodberry does well with all people but LOVES men. Woodberry is Heartworm positive, but we are treating it for him. If you would like to meet Woodberry, please send us an email!

ROXANNE | Roxanne is such a cuddle bug. Roxanne loves to go to daycare daily and get cuddles from all the staff. Shes not extremely playful with dogs but loves to be around them and bask in the sun. She loves to run on the beach and cuddle on the couch.  She does have some arthritis due to her previous situation but a small supplement is all she takes. She is house trained and would make a wonderful addition to any family.

CLOVER | Clover is a beautiful 45-50 pound Shepherd mix that is about a year old. She came to Berkeley Animal Center as a stray and is unfortunately heartworm positive. She is crate trained and housebroken, enjoys human contact including children, walks great on the leash but is easily distracted. She can be dog specific and is full of energy! Clover does well in car rides & even enjoys going to the vet! We are currently working on obedience training with our trainer, who has offered to continue the training services within your home, free of charge.

INDY | Indy is about a year old, 35 pounds, and clearly super cute. She does great with all people, including children. Indy can be picky about dog friends, but we’d be happy to do a meet and greet. Indy loves car rides and is a ball of energy, she even enjoys going to the vet! Unfortunately, no cats for this girl. He is currently working with our trainer to obedience and further training and can continue working with our trainer once he is in his new home, free of charge.

BAXTER | Baxter walks great on leash, crate trained and housebroken. He likes to play and chew the leash on occasion. Baxter loves people including kids, but can be dog specific. Unfortunately, Baxter is not cat friendly. We just recently pulled Baxter into our rescue, so we are still learning more about him and his fun personality. He is working everyday with our trainer, to learn more behavior commands. Our trainer has offered to continue training in your home, free of charge.

MACY | Macy is a little gal, weighing about 40 pounds, but full of personality! Macy’s foster mom says that I’ve been a great roommate, and greets her with a smile every single day! Some of her favorite activities include going outside to explore, playing tug of war, and snuggling! She loves being close to her human, and sneaking the occasional kiss. She really, REALLY, like treats! Foster mom says that makes it easy for her to learn new tricks! So far she has learned “quiet”, “sit”, “drop”, and “come”. Macy would prefer to be the only animal in her home.

SAM | Sam is awesome! Sam still has a little “puppy” in him, and as any husky, has some high energy. His new family will need to be patient and work with him on his skills. He is dog friendly, big and small, and enjoys playing with them, he does a low grow when he’s playing, but shows zero signs of aggression. He can be dog selective and territorial over things at times, but all around is doing really well in his new foster home. Sam is up to date on all vaccines, neutered and Heart worm positive, we are working on getting him all better!

HEIDI | Heidi was originally pulled from a puppy mill bust lead by Valiant. She lived a horrible life being bred over and over so that a greedy human could make a dime. After being up for adoption for months, an adopter stepped in to take care of her…or so we thought. After one year of having Heidi, the adopter decided to be sneaky and try to surrender Heidi to the local shelter. That shelter contacted us about the surrender, and we were definitely taken aback. We were upset to say the least. Watching Heidi watch her “owner” drive away after she was handed over to us was excruciating. She is now in our care and is confused and heartbroken. She simply doesn’t understand. To make matters worse, Heidi has been returned to us extremely overweight – to the point where it is a health concern. She doesn’t care for children. She also needs a place where she can decompress, so we are hoping we can find a family that doesn’t have other animals. She probably will never be potty trained correctly. She’s had such a horrible life that we keep our expectations low and understand her downfalls. We need someone that can help her lose weight. She is so sweet and loving to adults and really just wants to be catered to (and she deserves it).

ALICE | Alice is what we consider a chameleon, she adapts to her surroundings. She can kick back and enjoy cuddling on a couch and doing nothing on a rainy day or if she’s with a wild crowd, she can really kick into high gear. Her fun personality makes it enjoyable to be around her. She loves humans, but would much rather be the center of attention, so she’d prefer to be without other dogs and cats in the home. She is around 1-2 year old, cream colored chihuahua who is spayed and ready to find her forever home!

BABY | Baby is a male 4 year old daschund mix who is about 14 pounds. Baby gets gets along well with other dogs, big & little, and has not been tested with cats. Baby’s foster momma says she is very smart & can be shy at first with new people, but has a ton of personality. She is heart worm positive and is in the works of becoming heart worm negative in our care!

BUBBA | Bubba is a 2 year old Terrier mix weighing in at 62 pounds and is FULL of life! He is a total ham & loves everyone! He is a dominant male dog and he would be great in an active family. He is completely crate trained & house broken. He is currently working with our trainer to learn leash and obedience manors and can continue working with our trainer once he is in his new home, free of charge. Bubba is Heartworm positive and we are working on changing that currently!

CHARLIE | Charlie and her liter mates were born in our rescue. Charlie was adopted out to a family who recently returned her back to us. We’re told that she does great at day care with all other dogs but has little possessiveness over food & toys. I mean, who wouldn’t? Food is food. Charlie did well with the children, has been around cats & other dogs. Her foster mom says they are doing great in her household and Charlie is learning boundaries. This sweet girl loves humans and is such a delight. She is less than a year old, almost completely potty trained and knows basic commands.

BEAR | This happy guy is Bear! He is a 2 year old pit mix who weighs about 55 pounds. He came to us after he was found as a stray in Berkeley County. Bear has spent the past couple months being treated for his Heartworms and working with a trainer to become the perfect gentleman. Our trainer has offered her services free of charge to continue working on training in your home. Bear loves all people, and does well with most dogs.

AMOS | Amos is a 10 year old, shepherd mix and is probably one of the most chill dogs we have in our rescue. He came to us from Berkely County with a couple of masses on his rear and side. We removed those masses and had some dental work done and now Amos is in his prime! He is Heartworm negative, neutered, microchipped and completely up to date on all shots & vaccines. He is completely potty trained and does really well with other dogs. Amos is overall an amazing dog that anyone would be lucky to have in their home!

RAMEN | Ramen is a two year old border collie mix who came to us from Horry County. He was owner surrendered and is probably very confused and scared. He was very timid when we first met him and is slowly starting to learn what love is again. He enjoys spending his time with his foster brother and sisters and loves playing in the backyard. He loves to snuggle and sit on the couch with you. Ramen is crate trained, potty trained, neutered, and microchipped. He is Heart worm positive and we are working on getting him Heartworm negative!

DIAMOND | Diamond is our sassy senior pup! She was found as a stray and landed in Berkely County Animal Shelter. She is not a fan of men, indifferent about children, does well with other dogs (just wants to simply co-exist with other dogs) & does fine with cats. She is constantly wanting human affection and attention. She is not potty trained and needs a patient owner who can work with her. She is up to date on vaccines, spayed, microchipped & recovering from her Heart worm treatment!

HAPPY | Happy came to us from Berkeley County after being found as a stray. At the time, Happy was severely malnourished and suspected to be pregnant. Every notch on Happy’s spine, every rib, her hip and shoulder bones were all visible. Despite the visibility of being in so much pain, she received the name Happy, because she was constantly doing a “happy dance” and smiled when she saw humans. We quickly began getting weight on Happy, knowing if she were to deliver puppies in her condition, none of them would make it. Luckily Happy has gained weight easily, and we have discovered she is not in fact pregnant. She is great with humans, dogs & kids. Now that she is a healthy weight, Happy will be spayed and ready for her adoptive home!

REMY | Remy is a 3 year old, 90 pound chocolate lab that was found as a stray and sent to Berkeley Animal Center right before Hurricane Dorian. She is a very high energy chocolate lab who loves dogs in all sizes & shapes. She is up to date on shots, and is being scheduled for her spay surgery & microchips. She is learning crate training & is completely potty trained. Remy would be best for a home with other pets, a fenced in backyard & someone who has time to keep her active!

REMINGTON | Meet Remington, he is is a four year old German Short Haired Pointer and is the biggest hunk of sweetheart whose biggest concern is welcoming you when you come home. Remington likes to spend his days staring out the window looking at the world go by. He is squirrel obsessed and when he sees one his hunting dog roots shine through. At the end of the day he loves to snuggle as close to your body as humanly possible and snore so loud you can concentrate on anything else. He is currently in a foster home with another dog, but seems to want to be dominant. We suggest due to his size he goes to a home with only one other dog, preferably, the only dog. He is up to date on shots, and scheduled to be neutered and working on his heartworm treatment!

GOUDA | Our Gouda girl is available for adoption (again). This strikingly gorgeous pup was raised in our rescue and adopted when she was 8 weeks old. Well, now she’s 9 months old and has been returned due to family issues at home, the family decided to give her up to us with things got difficult for them. Gouda does well with all people, dogs, and cats. She is house, crate, and leash trained. She is sweet as can be and about 40 pounds. She is up to date on shots, spayed & heartworm negative.

LACEY | Lacey was surrendered to the shelter with Lila after her owner passed away. As you can tell from her picture, she really likes food. She is very gentle and silly with humans. She loves to play bow and bounce about. She did have an altercation with a squirrel recently, so we suggest she goes to a foster with larger animals and no cats. Lacey likes to relax, receive pets, and eat canned dog food. Will you let her chill with you for a little while?

LILY | Silly Lily is waiting for her forever home! This girl is FANTASTIC. She loves being near her human, enjoys playing with her 3 foster fur sisters, does well with children, and doesn’t even mind the kitty cats. She’s about 50 pounds, and house hippo like in build. She has learned manners and is working on obedience training. Her foster momma loves her and can’t wait for Lily to find her forever home. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and in the first phase of Heartworm treatment.

JOE | Joe is a sweet 6 month old terrier / hound mix who is a Parvo puppy survivor with his brother Blue. They are the sweetest and most calmest pups who absolutely adore human affection. They are in the process of learning crate training and basic commands and are doing an excellent job with it. Joe is neutered, up to date on shots & microchipped and ready to find his forever home!

PICCOLO | Piccolo is our sweet 15 year old schnauzer who is needing a second chance. After staying in Columbia, SC we found him and knew we needed to give him the love and care he deserves. He is believed to be a schnauzer mix and is partially blind, deaf and could really use some TLC. Are you interested in giving Piccolo his best happily ever after?

BLUE | Blue is a sweet 6 month old terrier / hound mix who is a Parvo puppy survivor with his brother Joe. They are the sweetest and most calmest pups who absolutely adore human affection. They are in the process of learning crate training and basic commands and are doing an excellent job with it. Blue is neutered, up to date on shots & microchipped and ready to find his forever home!

ROGER | This handsome boy is Roger and he is between 1-3 years old and around 30 pounds. He did so great at our adoption event last month, and seems to like all dogs in size, and humans! He is just such a total sweetheart. He is up to date on shots and neutered, but is working on becoming heartworm negative.

LAYLA | Layla is an 7 month old female pit mix. She has tested well with other dogs and is sister to Bodi. Layla has a small stature, but weighs a solid 40 pounds or so. She is very sweet and very food motivated. Layla hasn’t had any accidents in her crate and seems to be well adjusted to her crate. She is not spayed, but is scheduled to be very shortly!

MAE | This smiley girl is Mae! Mae came to us after being dumped at a local shelter at the age of 10. When we got her, she was covered in pressure sores and had clearly been shoved in a cage the majority of her life. She deserves a good home to live out her golden years. Mae would prefer to be the only animal, but who can blame her after the life she’s lived!?