At Eunoia Rescue, it is our goal to place animals in forever homes. Because of this, our adoption process is longer than some organizations. In order to be considered for adoption, please fill out the adoption application below and email to We will process this as fast as possible, but please note that it may take up to 48 business hours. Once approved, we will schedule a meet and greet with dogs that may be a good fit for you. All of our animals are in foster homes, so the meeting will be dependent upon the availability of the foster. If the meeting goes well, a trail period may be offered. This is a 1-2 week time to allow the family and animal to get to know each other well, and to ensure everything is a perfect match. In order to finalize the adoption, the adoption fee must be paid ($225 for adult dogs, $275 for puppies) and the contract must be signed.

**When trying to decide on what type of animal you would like, please keep all animals in mind. Many of the creatures in these shelters are older in age, not pure bred, and have broken souls. In this case, extra patience may be required; but it will be well worth it.**

Thank you for joining our adventure!

Dog Adoption Application

Foster Application

Why South Carolina?

Of course, saving any animal from any shelter is a phenomenal statement. However, why is South Carolina different?

According to South Carolina’s Information Highway, the death rate of animals at most shelters in the state is well over 75 percent. This means that for every 4 animals that enter, only 1 is re-homed. Many of these refuges have low funds and are only able to supply dilapidated buildings with overcrowded quarters.

South Carolina also has very few laws protecting its animals. In fact, according to the Humane Society of the United States, South Carolina is ranked number 46 out of the 50 states on animal cruelty laws. In addition, the state does not have a “no animals order.” Meaning that individuals charged with animal abuse are able to adopt another animal if they desire. Other flaws with South Carolina’s animal laws include: owners not being required to give veterinary care, permitting euthanasia by carbon monoxide gas, and allowing hunting dogs to be abandoned.

Very few people know about the laws and regulations concerning animal rights in South Carolina. Inhumane actions and overpopulation are taking place in the state because of those who are uneducated on the responsibilities of owning an animal. Let’s spark a resolution.